Website Development & Management

This is my personal website, one of several I have made and manage.

Dallas Sculpture Musuem

Website Development Projects:

I have performed extensive work on the creation and editing of multiple websites for employers, business clients, friends and family and myself. I enjoy the opportunity to use and expand my creative skill set while learning new skills along the way. Aside from using the wealth of knowledge that is the Internet, I am "self-taught" with regards to web design and management. This includes creating and editing HTML, PHP and CSS files, the use of web and graphic design software like Adobe Dreamweaver, freeware equivalent Blue Griffin, Adobe Photoshop and more.

One of the reasons I decided to make my personal (this) website was to continue learning and building skills related to web design and management. I now have a GoDaddy Pro account where I manage multiple sites that I have created or taken over for friends and family who don't have the time or expertise (not that I really have much of either). Here's are some of those websites:

Drink Local Florida

Drink Local FloridaURL:

Drink Local Florida, LLC is a side-business I started working on over the weekends and at night as a way to constructively channel my love for local craft beer that catered to my creative side and skill set while supporting small businesses in my native state. I built and support the online service (Florida Brewery Database - FBDb) as well as maintain current news and events blog and newsletter, while selling ad space, sponsorship programs, email list and follower rentals, and more services to help Florida breweries, tap rooms, wineries, distilleries and other relevant businesses reach new customers and grow market awareness.  

TerraScapes Lawn Care


TerraScapes is a lawn care and maintenance company serving residential homes and commercial properties in Manatee and Sarasota counties. It is a local small business based in Bradenton, Florida and additionally offers irrigation, brick paver, fountain, garden and other installations, repairs and re-designs for Florida landscapes. TerraScapes is owned by my friend Ramiro Valdez and I built and designed this website based off a free template. If you live in Manatee or Sarasota counties, I highly recommend his services. 

Other Professional Works and Accomplishments:

    Data Analysis & Survey Reports

      Speaking at Conferences & Events

      Media Quotes and Interviews

      White Papers & Technical Writing

    Press Releases & Marketing Writing

    Private Consulting & Research

  Developed Professional Training