About Me

I was fortunate enough to be born in a wonderful place and time. While that's true for most all born in the United States in the last 75 years, I think it's especially true for those of us born in Florida. I grew up going to the beach, playing baseball year-round, swimming in rivers and springs, visiting beautiful parks and hiking or riding some great trails. I plan to grow old doing the same, while playing guitar and taking some pictures along the way.

Here are several pages where you can find out more about some of my hobbies and personal interests:


Educational background, academic interests, accolades and extra-curricular involvement.

Landis Dog

Landis was our first baby, and is an all around awesome dog Here are videos and photos of him as a professional dog model. 


Just another amateur with a Digital SLR and an iPhone. I've taken all photos used on this website and have stock photos for sale.